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Twine Snippet: Marrowbend

While going through some old files, I found a project I’ve almost forgotten about. It was part of a series of assignments where we were practicing character voices in storytelling. I apparently gave my instructor a fright (sorry!) because my first turn-in was really short, but she was reassured by my final submission.

So the Twine story itself can be found here. And the following is a copy of the original notes.


Marrowbend is an interactive mystery.  After sending a cryptic message to the company, Danielle Petra disappeared without a trace.  Three recovery officers are dispatched to her last known location–the titular ghost town hidden away in the desert.  They are quickly stranded and must uncover town’s dark secrets if they wish to avoid Petra’s fate.


  • Adalberto “Goodman” Villaseñor is forever the voice of reason and a relaxing presence. Without him, Mae and Elias would take each other apart.

  • Mae Freeman is a bit on the judgemental side. Always trying to pick the most logical route, she’ll get angry if things don’t go according to plan. She prefers that a plan of action be made for everything.

  • Elias Oliver-Cook is the troublemaker, prone to following impulse rather than thinking things through. He isn’t being purposefully malicious but has a tendency to rub people the wrong way. He’s self-centered and lives in the moment rather than thinking ahead.