So I found a little problem with my jekyll template. (And my development environment but that’s for another post.) Turns out that jekyll-archives, which can be found here, isn’t white-listed to work with GitHub Pages. Luckily, I have done a liquid version as noted in an earlier post. I’ll be rewriting the template later tonight to not use the archives plugin.

Update 12 Mar 2019: Problem solved!

  1. Created a “category” folder. (The original method called for a “_category” folder, but I think there’s something interfering with it’s normal execution.)
  2. Create a markdown file for each category within the folder. In the front matter, state the layout, tag, and permalink. Eg:
    layout: category
    tag: documentation
    permalink: "/category/documentation"
  3. Made a new “category” layout. To make the list of posts, I wrote a liguid for-loop with a conditional checking the category of the post against the tag of the layout.

Note: One of the restrictions of this method is that the category names are case sensitive.