I’m going to try writing on a schedule in the near future. Half my things are still in storage so I’ve been digging through things trying to find my PC and all the peripherals. And since I’m almost done with that and setting things up, here’s my plan for the next week or so:

1. Dedicated Development Blog

Currently, I’m using Jekyll and GitHub Pages for all my site needs. Looking to expand my knowledge, I’m going to try hosting another blog on GitLab. This one is turning out to be more generalized than I’d like and if anyone were looking for information on an individual project, it may get lost to the tides. So excited to see what trouble I’ll get into with GitLab hosting.

2. Continue Porting Bootstrap Theme to Jekyll

I’m still learning about working with jekyll. After learning how to build and update a Jekyll site, I’ve decided to try porting a Bootstrap theme to work with the site builder. I did attempt to port HTML5 UP’s Prologue theme, but the final result wasn’t flexible enough. Currently trying to port Sailor by BootstrapMade as it has several layouts.

3. New Game Project

I’ve always wanted to make a game with a reputation mechanic. It didn’t pan out while I was a student and I’ve been itching to make something since I got my desktop back, so I’ve started working on a new title. Usually I write everything out by hand before working on a prototype, but I’m going to be more methodical this time around. I’ve created a OneNote document to keep track of all my ideas and progress. Once I have the aforementioned second dev blog up, I’ll be copying my notes over for public viewing.