As much as I like Squarespace, I needed more flexiblity in my workflow. So I moved over to GitHub Pages. I was already familiar with GitHub since I use it as version control for all my games. Plus, I haven’t used HTML5/CSS3 in yeeears so the practice was welcome. All in all, it seemed like the right fit. This blog is built with Jekyll and eventually the main porfolio will use a Jekyll template. It’s light, it’s simple, and I get to practice Markdown and Liquid, too.

After copying most everything over (i.e. relinking to my projects on so I don’t exceed bandwitdh), I wanted to add the next feature–a blog! It’s been a while since I published anything and it’s a flexible way of recording my thought processes and designs.

In short, this is kind of a test post as well as an intro.

See you next time!